About Us

Our group has the best of both worlds - friendship and business relationships. This exclusive group merged business and friendly connections together to form this alliance
in an effort to blend socialites together to network on both scales: in business and friendships.

Our business owners in this group offer discounts for their services, products and entertainment for our members.

On the friendly, socialite side, we enjoy coming together as a group for a night out on the town, go to an event, vacation together, and create memories for years to come.


Your information will NOT be shared with any third parties outside of our group.
The members who will keep you updated and send you email notifications of our group activities are:
  • First Lady and Creator - René
  • Vice-President - Carol
  • The executive team leaders
  • Your group leader

Before completing this form, please understand we do have requirements before you are accepted.
Here are the 6 main requirements for membership.
    1.  You must be over 30 years old to join.  If you were born AFTER 1983, YOU DO NOT QUALIFY.  Please come back and join us after your 30th birthday.

    2.  The more the merrier, get two of your friends/family to join the group.   Ask a friend to bring a friend, this is what makes us a family of friends.  Once you become a new member, you are required to bring, at minimum, two friends or family members to join our group.
   3.  Our motto, style, and character is - Classy, Sophisticated, and Kool.  We are the Grown and Sexy group!  Anything less will not be accepted. This goes for your personality, character, representation of yourself and our groups' image. We represent each other. Classy and mature is our motto! 
We are about uplifting, positivity, good times, networking, and respect for one another.  Supporting each other in their milestones celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, etc), supporting our business owners, participating in charity events - are examples of what we stand for as a unit.

    5.  We use our in-house business connections with our members.  If you have a business service or product, our members need to know what services are available to them. Please let us know.  We welcome your business.  Please note, as a member, you must offer discount services exclusively for our group members.

   6.  You must be an active member (exclusion for business members)- Our group members should engage in events and connecting with their fellow members, this is what the group is all about. 

By completing this form, it does not mean you will be automatically accepted. We do have a screening process and a "Meet and Greet" before being accepted. 

* indicates required
You must be 30+ years old to qualify for membership
Where did you hear about us, or who told you about us, or where did you see our advertisment?
Please enter the name of the Circle of Friends member who referred you to us. Otherwise, skip this section and go the next
A team leader helps out the executive board with recruitment of new members, promoting event and get paid, and othe executive level assistance we will like your assistance in.
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